cloudy with a chance of sunshine

cloudy with a chance of sunshine“Don’t rain on my parade!”  This is good advice as I found out today.

My day was going on swimmingly and then I got an email that brought a stormy cloud.  It was of a critical nature, but not very constructive.  I’ve received these notes before and have learned how to deal with them.  For some reason though, today I found myself more sensitive than usual and allowed the message’s venom to find its way into my heart.

Criticism can be very good, if it is constructive.  However, if general and lazy, it can be most destructive and discouraging.  Having just written a blog about mentoring, I confess that I have longed to find another mentor during this season of my life; one who will give me healthy feedback and advice.  I’ve reached out in many directions and have not found reciprocation.  I have many wonderful friends and do not down play the efforts of many who have sincerely wished to assist me, but I have failed to find that one person who has the time and energy to fully invest in my life’s goals in a mentoring role.

As a result, I felt the sting of this email more keenly as it reminded me of this unfulfilled desire.  Thankfully, my husband was there to help me combat my downward spiral by giving me perspective.  First he reminded me that I have the choice how to receive criticism and not put value in those who give it without careful thought or reflection.  Then he proceeded to encourage me to see that though I have not had one continuous mentor, I have had different people who have contributed to my journey throughout this season of my life.  So though it might not have come in the form I expected or wanted, I still received what I needed to arrive at this place – which is a good place, I might add.

No one has the capability to rain on our parade unless we allow them.  At times when it may seem cloudy, we may need to look a little harder for the sunshine, seeking in unexpected places, but knowing that it is always there.


1 Response to “cloudy with a chance of sunshine”

  1. February 2, 2014 at 10:24 am

    Love that last line. Great advice and a great attitude. ❤️

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