lonely but not alone

lonely  but not aloneWhen we think of loss we remind ourselves and each other that we are not alone.  For me, this did not bring comfort, for no one else could hope to fill the emptiness which one unique creature had fulfilled.  However, that is not what the phrase in this instance means to implicate.  I soon learned this over the past two days.

The day after my dog’s death we ran into a coworker of my husband’s whose dog was having health issues.  He offered us his condolences and support.  Little did he know that only three days later his wife would have to say good bye to their dog while he was away on business.  It was then that he turned to us for comfort and we opened our understanding hearts to him.

Then, just today, a professor came to class weeping.  She had shared previously that she had a pet with a heart condition.  My instincts told me that these tears were related to this information.  I met her in the hall and she confirmed this inclination.  We cried together as we shared the pain of helplessly watching our loved ones suffer and dreading their loss.

In this short time I found that I was not alone.  I will forever be lonely for my Sam, but I will find strength in sharing her memory with those that have experienced an irreplaceable loss.  And together we will emerge from our grief.


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