role models

role modelsWho’s your role model?

Everyone needs or has a role model, right?  Someone, whether they were aware of it or not, that they looked up to through the years as an example to follow.  We might find that we follow in their footsteps only to discover later that we do cannot fill their shoes or even want to.  But many times, there is that one person who shines the light on a path which teaches anyone how to live a life well.  For me, that is my grandmother.

My grandmother is 90 years old.  She still lives on her own in her own apartment.  The building belongs to senior living, so there is support in case she has an emergency.  The management holds different activities for the residents including bingo, potlucks and movies.  Her apartment overlooks a beautiful garden and has lots of natural light.  Recently, they had a power outage and she had to stay with my aunt for a night.  One night was too much.  She was looking forward to going back to her place and doing her own thing.

When we visited her today, she took us on a tour of her building and shared about her adventures.  She still has adventures, even at her age.  Perhaps they may not seem exciting to others, but because of her perspective on life, she continues to see every day as a chance for fun and growth; not taking any moment for granted.  I don’t believe that she stresses about anything.  She takes each day at a time.

I hope I can have her vision for life; to see the extraordinary in the ordinary and remain active intellectually, socially and physically as long as my body will allow.  There are all kinds of role models in life, but it is usually those who quietly and simply live their lives filled with love, kindness and joy who provide an example without even knowing it.


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