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two steps forward or two steps back?

two steps forward or two steps backAre we taking two steps forward or two steps back?

I couldn’t believe it when I heard about the bill presented to the governor of Arizona which would grant business owners the right to refuse service based on their religious beliefs resulting in the discrimination of those with a certain sexual orientation.  What day and age are we living in?  We boast about how advanced, civilized and “tolerant” we are and yet this kind of discrimination still has a foothold in our democratic government?

First of all, how were they planning on determining a customer’s sexual orientation?  Have we built a society so structured on stereotypes that they think they could simply determine a person’s sexual preference based on their appearance?  And if not, will they ask them or even go further as to investigate the personal lives of interested customers?  In a capitalist society it is hardly economical or competitive to exclude and even condemn a potential clientele.  Not only are they losing the persons being directly discriminated against, but they also invite boycotting from all those who refuse to support or affiliate with anyone who participates in that kind of discriminatory behavior.

So what is Arizona trying to accomplish by proposing this bill for business owners?  Ultimately, the business owners will have gain the right to go bankrupt because that is where they are headed with a customer service policy which denies service to its customers.  What kind of world are they trying to create in which one person determines who is more deserving of or has access to something than another?  We’ve been and still struggle with racism, sexism, classism and now we’re going to reward the very people who perpetuate the very things we’ve been fighting against for centuries?

This is a symptom that our fight has just begun.  We have received a warning that our society has become too lax as armchair activists and now we’re faced with a crisis.  How will we respond?  Will we stand by and allow this oppression to continue?  We are the people and we have the power if we unite.  Let us learn from our past mistakes and not let this prejudice continue to poison our society.  Let us not take two steps back in history or allow anyone to stand alone.