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Traveling back in time

traveling back in timeTime travel.  I did that today.  In more ways than one.

Today I journeyed back to where I grew up and spent more than half of my life.  As we drove along familiar roads and sights which brought back memories, we noticed that nothing had really changed.  It was as if the last four years had not touched this small region in Pennsylvania.  Here on the other side of the country, exists an area which maintains the same traditions each year; revolving around the seasons with their annual events and rituals.

“I remember when we used to” came at every turn.  I worked at that store one summer; or we ate at that restaurant they had great pancakes; our one bedroom apartment was down that road; I can’t believe we used to think this was a long drive!  Time, distance and change in our lives over the past four years have certainly made us look differently at these timeless towns.  What we thought cost a lot then is a steal; the long commute of 30 minutes seems like a normal everyday drive; and the place that we thought was the coolest hangout spot ever is quaint and outdated.

These thoughts are also accompanied by the concern over this areas lack of progress.  Little to no diversity exists in this region.  The minorities present remain invisible, separate and oppressed.  Cultural variety does not exist but for small local differences from town to town.  Business and economic growth and opportunity have been resisted which leave many jobless.

Everyone is different.  This is a good thing.  Things in one place of the world need not look like another.  However, is it healthy for a society to continue to shut out ethnic and cultural diversity for the sake of maintaining the dominant traditions held by those in power and handed down from generation to generation?  Or will there always just be those places which belong to one “type” of people and the rest can go elsewhere?

I went elsewhere.  But how can my traveling to the past bring change and is it my responsibility to bring change?